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March 23rd, 2010

back to schooooooo-ooolllll

my break was relatively uneventful-worked-went to grammas-shopped-took numerous naps. although i wasnt off on some fancy beach, it was quite nice to just relax at home with the puppy and parents πŸ™‚

now its back to school, and actual “work”…oh dear.

congrats to all the seniors yesterday who finished their IS! Everybody loves IS monday (the due date), and despite the cold weather the parade was awesome as well as the entire day πŸ™‚ everyone was wearing their pins…it makes me excited (believe it or not) to do IS next year and get a pin and march around campus cheering all day

other super news-i got offically accepted into my study abroad program! i leave for ireland on june 18th or 19th…I CANNOT WAIT omg i want a vacation from this country.

what else…our psych professor decided to change our exam on friday into a debate on for/against punishment. am i happy? HECK yes. nothing to have to memorize (which i can’t really do).


sitting in bed watching spongebob squarepants working hard on my lab report due thursday,


2 daaaaays

March 3rd, 2010


i can hardly wait. it’s so tempting to just burn out these last 2 days if i do i know ill regret that decision later…

lets see…whats new.

i ran for treasurer for my sorority…and i didn’t get it. a little disappointed, but i got voted to be a new member educator πŸ™‚

we had to give speeches regarding our position, and although other girls said mine was good and i brought forward some thoughtful ideas, i guess it didn’t just make the cut.

my speech giving is quite terrible:

1. drench-like sweat pouring down my face

2. lose color in face (look as if im about to faint)

3. shaking

4. high-pitched nervous laugh that sometimes sounds like im choking

5. a bad pun or joke that makes nobody else laugh but myself

6. rambling

7. talking too fast

8. stuttering

9. staring blankly at a wall (i try to take my glasses/contacts off whenever i talk in front of a large body of people…considering i can’t see anything but blobs of color and movement unless its about an inch from my face. this is a skill i picked up quickly, where i learned that i can make faces at some random person across the room (or just stare at them) and they can make faces at me or do whatever they want….but i still can’t see them. heheheheh)

10. spit flying out of my mouth

since there is no way you will get through college without some sort of speech giving in some class, i recommend rehearsing a few times before hand. at least you shouldn’t experience as many of the symptoms as i have when i do it.

off for lunch.

ta taaa

February 25th, 2010

you’re computer screen is dirty, you should fix it with this:

good day :)

February 25th, 2010

soooooooooo ’cause I got an a- on my last psych lab report……..I DONT HAVE TO DO THIS ONE. Thank you dr. thompson!

totally made my day.

and, i knocked out like, 4 (awesome) pages of my soc paper due on wednesday. win!

and, i busted my behind at the gym today. granted, i can’t really get up or move anything, but at least i feel in shape.

and, tomorrow is friday.

and, i ate healthy in lowry for dinner (YES!)

and, i started on my anthropology vocab terms early so im not cramming the night before so i can pace myself out before the next exam πŸ™‚

and, all my study abroad applications may have been lost in the mail.


yea, trying not to tear my hair out or that of the employees at the postal service, but more information to come….when i get it.


February 23rd, 2010

according to…..

If you’ve got something you’re trying to study, Virgo, this isn’t the day to do it. Your concentration is likely to be off, and what you’re reading will probably look like Greek to you. Unless it’s really necessary, it would be best to put the books aside until tomorrow, since you probably won’t absorb much today. Trying to read could give rise to the illusion that you’ve learned something. Be on the safe side and put it off!


hoorah for violins

February 22nd, 2010



funday? naah

its about 40 and drizzly outside. perfect day to stay in bed and eat cupcakes while watching crappy tv.

unfortunately thats not the case (i wish!)

i got a C on my learning/behavior exam. not too happy about it, but apparently the majority of the class got in that range. I answered the questions correctly, just not in enough detail….that always seems to be my pitfall-not enough detail.

on a lighter note, i BLEW my anthropology exam out of the water. by that i mean i missed about 3 i think, but i still am sure i did quite well πŸ™‚

our orchestra concerts were AWESOME over the weekend….we got standing ovations at both of them. my parents came (hi mom and dad!) and they enjoyed it very much. now that its over, we dont have rehearsal tonight (A DAY OFF OMG). it’s certainly lightened my day up, now i can nap go to the gym and be lazy watching tv all evening get a head start on some studying. no class tomorrow, either…. πŸ™‚

spring break is SO CLOSE. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

-stay dry,


no more

February 16th, 2010

well, i am no longer in the play πŸ™

since it is next week, there is rehearsal every evening from 7-10. its crucial that the musicians be there for the actors to get their cues, etc., and with my orchestra concerts this weekend, i can’t attend more than half of the rehearsals because of orchestra rehearsal.

it’s a little disappointing but i understand the issue-missing orchestra rehearsal isn’t an option to me, and missing play rehearsal isn’t an option to them. luckily i got quite the good experience out of it though!

so i guess that means my next two weeks aren’t going to be as hectic. thats good-at least i have more time to go to the gym and nap study.

maybe i should just drop out of college and become a world-famous luge-runner. luger? lugian? i’m watching the olympics and they’re pretty neat looking. the only bad thing is that guy died last friday in a luge accident….so if i didn’t die, that’d be cool.



February 15th, 2010


the downside of college comes once again. my schedule is PACKED for the next few weeks, and spring break is oh-so-close….

we had a 2.5 hour orchestra rehearsal tonight, as usual, no big deal.

tomorrow (tues), i have to practice the violin, meet with a girl to study, go to the gym (i have been unconsciously popping an abundance of hershey kisses whenever i feel stressed…), review my bazillion anthropology terms, read too many pages for sociology, and study until i faint for my psychology test on friday. oh, i also have to work on a draft of the most inconveniently timed paper of my life a paper that is due on thursday for psych as well. after all that is said and done, i have play rehearsal from 7-10.


wednesday i get to start off bright and early with a 9 am violin lesson. after a day of classes, i have a couple hours to cram in studying for anthropology/psychology/and working on my psychology paper before another 2.5 hour orchestra rehearsal.

THURSDAY, my psych paper is due. luckily all i have is a 2 hour lab, so i can spend my free hours studying for psychology/anthropology. this is ended with another 3 hour play rehearsal.

FRIDAY is another full day of classes starting off with my psychology exam. after classes, i have free time to study anthropology and start on my 13 page sociology paper before another 2.5 hour dress rehearsal for our concert on saturday.

SATURDAY i have all day free to nap study until our orchestra concert at 8:15. come! it’s a really good concert and i pinky swear its not that long. it’s also in scheide so you get to sit on the comfy plush orange seats instead of the wood pews in mcgaw chapel πŸ™‚

SUNDAY is same except for a 4 pm concert again and a lot of sociology readings then….sorority meetings and stuff. im running for treasurer! vote for me πŸ™‚

MONDAY is my anthro exam with the rest of the day spent doing that friggin’ sociology paper. monday night is another 3 hour play rehearsal.

same with tuesday. and more sociology readings. anthropology as well. human sexuality also.

wednesday-saturday is our play. every night. please come to that, too. it’s super fun.

the following week my impossible sociology paper is due. to top it off, we have 5 hours of rehearsal for ANOTHER concert we’re having on thursday, march 4th in the afternoon. don’t come to this one, its just for little kids.

THEN, finally, the last day before spring break, i have a human sexuality exam.


i can already picture myself on my first day of spring break: sweatpants, NO HOMEWORK, lying on the couch, basking in glory. if only that was now…

i’m forcing myself to scarf down this terrible energy drink so i can stay up tonight and do work since my evenings for the next weeks are taken by various rehearsals.

i also invested in a few 5 hour energys. have yet to try one, anyone know how well they work?

if i could take a picture of myself and post it right now, it would probably look like this:




February 11th, 2010

who got a B on her psych paper?

i got a B on my psych paper πŸ™‚


February 10th, 2010

im still here! i promise!!! I just went MIA the past week and a half because of a ton of homework, tests, papers, studies, practices, doctor appointments, and laundry.

but im here πŸ˜€

as you can all imagine, the weather outside is quite rough. since i live in armington (one of the farthest dorms from lowry…aka where there is food), preparing myself for the arctic trek long walk across most of campus has taken its toll on me-i sit here now wheezing and hacking up phlegm in between major nose-blowing sessions.

attractive image, huh?

ah well-besides attending class i am pretty much slugging around the room with a box of kleenex and water bottle.

the snow we have gotten here is outrageous-not in how much, but of how short a time it took to accumulate. 2 blizzard-like storms each lasting a few days has created a minimum of 1.5 feet of snow.

for you sledders, hooray.

for the rest of us, boo.

i must say i do really appreaciate (spelling?) the grounds workers who have been chugging around campus in mini snow plows with a box of salt spewing out behind them. as someone who has successfully faceplanted in a snow bank at least twice (once someone even honked as they drove by, staring at my pathetic figure lying limply in the snow), i am always happy to see an ice/snow free sidewalk where i don’t risk ending up face down in the snow. thanks, guys!

because i’ve unfortunately noticed some rather terrible outfits for this weather around campus, i have established Morgan’s non-offical rules of snow-attire:

1. if you are wearing shoes that show your toes, you are wrong.

2. a sweatshirt and gymshorts are not warm enough to go to class in.

3. i dont care if you wear socks, sandals/socks combo are no longer allowed

4. yay for hats, scarves, and gloves

5. wear freakin’ tights with that dress. you look completely freezing if you don’t, and we can allll tell.

6. for the select few on campus (yes, i know who you are) who ‘dont get cold really easily”, and shuffle around in a TSHIRT in this weather, you are wrong. you are cold. even if you don’t think you are, you are ’cause I said so.

7. uggs are acceptable for everything.

8. if you ever want to watch something funny, watch some poor soul attempt to hike across campus in high heels in this snow. between the random staggering and stumbling, its like watching someone try to ice skate on grass turf.

8. that is all.

take my advice and follow these do’s and don’ts of wooster weather.

’cause i said so.

i think i need some soup πŸ™‚

stay warm!

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