April 20th, 2010

weeeeeee won greek week! hoooraaaay 🙂

it is CRUNCH time. majorly. since i’m going to chicago most of next week for the mpa conference (weeee), i have to make sure everything is turned in beforehand.

luckily i’m pacing myself.

sex research paper due on friday… sociology paper due on monday…presentation in 2 weeks….along with 3 exams…

is it summer yet?

i find this to be the hardest time to stay motivated in my classes. many would define this time as being where you can give “one last push” at your grade, however most of us are just too worn out from the semester. that’s why right now it is crucial for me to pace myself…if i do a bit each day then i won’t feel overwhelmed, and we all know what being overwhelmed does to me…

side effects may include loss of sleep, excessive weight gain due to binge eating, increased napping attempts, increased whining to friends about ‘how much work you have and how tired you are’, etc, etc.

it happens to every one every time….so just plan ahead now so you don’t find yourself stuck in the library at 12:30 in the morning scarfing down 4 pieces of cold pizza and calling it a day.

eat good. sleep good. do a bit each day. make a to-do list every morning for the day. nothing feels better than crossing some item off a to-do list. nothing. forget trying to cram in gym sessions every day-you arent going to magically go out of shape in a week. academics firsttt 😀 remember to shower. and wear deodorant. and change your underwear.

that is all.


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