something i don’t feel proud about

April 14th, 2010

so as part of greek week, the greek community here hosted a luncheon for the grounds crew on campus becauseto show appreciation and gratitude on tuesday. it was quite lovely and laid back.

today, as i was handing a lowry worker my card to swipe for a meal, he laughed and said how much of a shame it was that nothing was ever held for the lowry staff.

‘i mean the grounds crew does a lot, but we basically feed all the students here’

‘the groundscrew even gets a little christmas party ever year from the manager, and WERE the one feeding them. i wish someone would do something that nice for us…we never catch a break. who else would feed everyone?’

and you know what? he was exactly right.

i felt quite guilty and bad upon hearing those comments….hes completely right. the lowry workers and staff make sure we eat healthy and have a variety of fresh food to choose from, and nothing is ever done for them…maybe a thank you, if that.

as a greek member i am go to propose that the next academic year a party or event be held in their honor. it doesnt necessarily have to be sponsored by the greeks, but maybe a group on campus. it’s something i will be bringing up.

why not have a luncheon with them? they should be able to enjoy the opportunity to sit down and chat with students as the grounds crew does, or any other staff group for that matter.

some groups here may be more directly related to us as students, but they all put in an equal amount of hard work. why do we choose to thank only the specifics? my theory is that we are so used to those directly related to us (we see them every day such as lowry staff), that we overlook the hard work put in deliver a service to us, such as a hot meal.

just know, lowry staff, that i am going to try to make something happen to thank you. you deserve as much appreciation as anyone else who works on this campus, and i want to make sure you realize it 🙂

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