this weekend

April 12th, 2010

was so freakin’ awesome!! springfest was a huuuuge success.

friday was a pretty chill night for me-i was tired and wanted to catch up on some sleep…

so that means i was all rested for saturday’s events! there was a velcro wall, jousting, and a bungee run…not to mention cotton candy and refreshments and popcorn! it was a little chilly out but everyone was in such a festive mood i don’t think anyone minded.

k’naan and wale were awessssssome! k’naan (in my opinion) was better than wale, but thats probably because i know his music. they both walked around in the crowds singing to people…it was a great concert.

by that i mean i left halfway through wale’s performance and went to bed. sorry, wale.

i think it was kind of an early night for everyone-people had been partying since 4 or 5 and by 11 or so everyone was ready for bed.

unfortunately its back to the books this week 🙁 TWO (ugh) exams on friday, learning/behavior and human sexuality…..also a 7 pager due on monday….and orchestra rehearsal all day today…and psych testing for our learning/behavior project.

oh well-only 3 MORE WEEKS then finals week ahhhhh i’m nervous already :-/ especially since i have to miss basically the entire last week of class for the MPA conference (so pumped)

and i got a b+ on my anthro exam 🙂

what i should be thinking about…

what i’m really thinking about…

happy monday!


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