April 8th, 2010

summer is almost here!!!

sorry i havent updated much this week-ive been studying for my anthropology exam (which i think i did SICK on), doing ireland stuff, and trying to work out.

since 99% of my diet since sunday has consisted of chocolate and coffee, i decided today to take a little ‘sweets’ break and try a detox diet just for a week.

and no, its not one of those things where you drink vinegar and grass or whatever-its healthy!

LOTS of fruits and veggies…no sugar or sweets…no dairy…lots of beans and grains….im allowing myself chicken and eggs for protein…and trying to avoid gluten products.

we’ll see how this goes 🙂

and to the touring family whom i passed just as i stuffed a hard boiled egg in my mouth and attempted to smile, i’m sorry.

good thing i was wearing my sorority letters, now they’ll remember me.

SPRINGfest is this WEEKEND! look for posters around campus–hopefully its gonna be a good onefor weather this year!


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