March 31st, 2010

crappy day.

violin lesson didn’t go so hot this morning….i think there are some things the teacher and i are not seeing eye to eye on…ugh, i have a lot to do with that..

then i spilled a cup of (extra hot because i requested it be hot as possible so it stays warm) coffee down the front of my dress.

then on the way back to change i ripped my leggings

then i stubbed my toe.

then i took an exam in sociology, and i think i did okay except for the fact that i left out one HUGE part of an essay…like, it didnt even register in my head while i was writing. everything else on the exam i think i did okay on.

then i ate a sandwich and a huge chunk fell right into my lap (i should just wear my food-seems im best at it)

then its this GLORIOUS day and all i want to do is spend it outside…but im finishing my lab report and doing some anthro terms and questions for our exam in one week (ahhhh)

then i lost this beautiful ring my dad gave me. its red with a blue and green flower design on it, and the inside is turquoise. it mustve fallen off my finger at some point….

if anyone sees it, please let me know! i loved that ring…

on the bright side-gramma sent me a card with a $5 bill in it.

hey, its $5 more than i had at the beginning of the day, right?

almost done with lab report. back. to. work.

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