March 29th, 2010

there are a LOT of prospective students here today! i heard over 150….

i’ve been seeing them with their parents and pillows and duffel bags walking around campus and in my class. i wish i had done this as an admitted student! I remember getting all prepared for college-buying stuff, trying to figure out campus, organizing everything, etc, but i never did anything like an admitted students day.


i hope everyone is having fun 🙂

i noticed them all last night when i was getting dinner post-working out-i came marching down the lowry steps with 2 to-go boxes and 2 bowls filled with food while balancing a too-heavy tote bag and water bottle with half a banana shoved in my mouth and my hair basically slicked back from sweat (i biked 26 miles!!), and i was faced with a million kids and their parents milling around in the lobby, staring at me.

please don’t be scared of me. i’m normal (and showered) promise!

ive also witnessed about 2934932847 tours today (you can always tell a tour by a family walking slowly with a person walking backwards in front of them talking) and the guides never seem to run into anything…genius, i tell you.

i have orchestra basically all evening…sectionals 4:10-5:10 then 7-9:30. i wish we could change our sectional time to wednesday. in the hour and a half or so that i have in between the two rehearsals i have barely enough time to grab dinner and get some hw done…luckily i dont have class on tuesdays, so if i don’t really get productive on mondays i have an entire day to catch up to it 🙂

lets see if anything good is on tv right now…

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  1. Christina Haupton 02 Apr 2010 at 8:35 am

    The students walking backwards has always impressed me!! Incredible I tell you, I bet they practise secretly during classes

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