March 23rd, 2010

back to schooooooo-ooolllll

my break was relatively uneventful-worked-went to grammas-shopped-took numerous naps. although i wasnt off on some fancy beach, it was quite nice to just relax at home with the puppy and parents 🙂

now its back to school, and actual “work”…oh dear.

congrats to all the seniors yesterday who finished their IS! Everybody loves IS monday (the due date), and despite the cold weather the parade was awesome as well as the entire day 🙂 everyone was wearing their pins…it makes me excited (believe it or not) to do IS next year and get a pin and march around campus cheering all day

other super news-i got offically accepted into my study abroad program! i leave for ireland on june 18th or 19th…I CANNOT WAIT omg i want a vacation from this country.

what else…our psych professor decided to change our exam on friday into a debate on for/against punishment. am i happy? HECK yes. nothing to have to memorize (which i can’t really do).


sitting in bed watching spongebob squarepants working hard on my lab report due thursday,


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