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2 daaaaays

March 3rd, 2010


i can hardly wait. it’s so tempting to just burn out these last 2 days if i do i know ill regret that decision later…

lets see…whats new.

i ran for treasurer for my sorority…and i didn’t get it. a little disappointed, but i got voted to be a new member educator 🙂

we had to give speeches regarding our position, and although other girls said mine was good and i brought forward some thoughtful ideas, i guess it didn’t just make the cut.

my speech giving is quite terrible:

1. drench-like sweat pouring down my face

2. lose color in face (look as if im about to faint)

3. shaking

4. high-pitched nervous laugh that sometimes sounds like im choking

5. a bad pun or joke that makes nobody else laugh but myself

6. rambling

7. talking too fast

8. stuttering

9. staring blankly at a wall (i try to take my glasses/contacts off whenever i talk in front of a large body of people…considering i can’t see anything but blobs of color and movement unless its about an inch from my face. this is a skill i picked up quickly, where i learned that i can make faces at some random person across the room (or just stare at them) and they can make faces at me or do whatever they want….but i still can’t see them. heheheheh)

10. spit flying out of my mouth

since there is no way you will get through college without some sort of speech giving in some class, i recommend rehearsing a few times before hand. at least you shouldn’t experience as many of the symptoms as i have when i do it.

off for lunch.

ta taaa