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hoorah for violins

February 22nd, 2010



funday? naah

its about 40 and drizzly outside. perfect day to stay in bed and eat cupcakes while watching crappy tv.

unfortunately thats not the case (i wish!)

i got a C on my learning/behavior exam. not too happy about it, but apparently the majority of the class got in that range. I answered the questions correctly, just not in enough detail….that always seems to be my pitfall-not enough detail.

on a lighter note, i BLEW my anthropology exam out of the water. by that i mean i missed about 3 i think, but i still am sure i did quite well 🙂

our orchestra concerts were AWESOME over the weekend….we got standing ovations at both of them. my parents came (hi mom and dad!) and they enjoyed it very much. now that its over, we dont have rehearsal tonight (A DAY OFF OMG). it’s certainly lightened my day up, now i can nap go to the gym and be lazy watching tv all evening get a head start on some studying. no class tomorrow, either…. 🙂

spring break is SO CLOSE. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

-stay dry,