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no more

February 16th, 2010

well, i am no longer in the play 🙁

since it is next week, there is rehearsal every evening from 7-10. its crucial that the musicians be there for the actors to get their cues, etc., and with my orchestra concerts this weekend, i can’t attend more than half of the rehearsals because of orchestra rehearsal.

it’s a little disappointing but i understand the issue-missing orchestra rehearsal isn’t an option to me, and missing play rehearsal isn’t an option to them. luckily i got quite the good experience out of it though!

so i guess that means my next two weeks aren’t going to be as hectic. thats good-at least i have more time to go to the gym and nap study.

maybe i should just drop out of college and become a world-famous luge-runner. luger? lugian? i’m watching the olympics and they’re pretty neat looking. the only bad thing is that guy died last friday in a luge accident….so if i didn’t die, that’d be cool.