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February 15th, 2010


the downside of college comes once again. my schedule is PACKED for the next few weeks, and spring break is oh-so-close….

we had a 2.5 hour orchestra rehearsal tonight, as usual, no big deal.

tomorrow (tues), i have to practice the violin, meet with a girl to study, go to the gym (i have been unconsciously popping an abundance of hershey kisses whenever i feel stressed…), review my bazillion anthropology terms, read too many pages for sociology, and study until i faint for my psychology test on friday. oh, i also have to work on a draft of the most inconveniently timed paper of my life a paper that is due on thursday for psych as well. after all that is said and done, i have play rehearsal from 7-10.


wednesday i get to start off bright and early with a 9 am violin lesson. after a day of classes, i have a couple hours to cram in studying for anthropology/psychology/and working on my psychology paper before another 2.5 hour orchestra rehearsal.

THURSDAY, my psych paper is due. luckily all i have is a 2 hour lab, so i can spend my free hours studying for psychology/anthropology. this is ended with another 3 hour play rehearsal.

FRIDAY is another full day of classes starting off with my psychology exam. after classes, i have free time to study anthropology and start on my 13 page sociology paper before another 2.5 hour dress rehearsal for our concert on saturday.

SATURDAY i have all day free to nap study until our orchestra concert at 8:15. come! it’s a really good concert and i pinky swear its not that long. it’s also in scheide so you get to sit on the comfy plush orange seats instead of the wood pews in mcgaw chapel 🙂

SUNDAY is same except for a 4 pm concert again and a lot of sociology readings then….sorority meetings and stuff. im running for treasurer! vote for me 🙂

MONDAY is my anthro exam with the rest of the day spent doing that friggin’ sociology paper. monday night is another 3 hour play rehearsal.

same with tuesday. and more sociology readings. anthropology as well. human sexuality also.

wednesday-saturday is our play. every night. please come to that, too. it’s super fun.

the following week my impossible sociology paper is due. to top it off, we have 5 hours of rehearsal for ANOTHER concert we’re having on thursday, march 4th in the afternoon. don’t come to this one, its just for little kids.

THEN, finally, the last day before spring break, i have a human sexuality exam.


i can already picture myself on my first day of spring break: sweatpants, NO HOMEWORK, lying on the couch, basking in glory. if only that was now…

i’m forcing myself to scarf down this terrible energy drink so i can stay up tonight and do work since my evenings for the next weeks are taken by various rehearsals.

i also invested in a few 5 hour energys. have yet to try one, anyone know how well they work?

if i could take a picture of myself and post it right now, it would probably look like this: