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February 10th, 2010

im still here! i promise!!! I just went MIA the past week and a half because of a ton of homework, tests, papers, studies, practices, doctor appointments, and laundry.

but im here 😀

as you can all imagine, the weather outside is quite rough. since i live in armington (one of the farthest dorms from lowry…aka where there is food), preparing myself for the arctic trek long walk across most of campus has taken its toll on me-i sit here now wheezing and hacking up phlegm in between major nose-blowing sessions.

attractive image, huh?

ah well-besides attending class i am pretty much slugging around the room with a box of kleenex and water bottle.

the snow we have gotten here is outrageous-not in how much, but of how short a time it took to accumulate. 2 blizzard-like storms each lasting a few days has created a minimum of 1.5 feet of snow.

for you sledders, hooray.

for the rest of us, boo.

i must say i do really appreaciate (spelling?) the grounds workers who have been chugging around campus in mini snow plows with a box of salt spewing out behind them. as someone who has successfully faceplanted in a snow bank at least twice (once someone even honked as they drove by, staring at my pathetic figure lying limply in the snow), i am always happy to see an ice/snow free sidewalk where i don’t risk ending up face down in the snow. thanks, guys!

because i’ve unfortunately noticed some rather terrible outfits for this weather around campus, i have established Morgan’s non-offical rules of snow-attire:

1. if you are wearing shoes that show your toes, you are wrong.

2. a sweatshirt and gymshorts are not warm enough to go to class in.

3. i dont care if you wear socks, sandals/socks combo are no longer allowed

4. yay for hats, scarves, and gloves

5. wear freakin’ tights with that dress. you look completely freezing if you don’t, and we can allll tell.

6. for the select few on campus (yes, i know who you are) who ‘dont get cold really easily”, and shuffle around in a TSHIRT in this weather, you are wrong. you are cold. even if you don’t think you are, you are ’cause I said so.

7. uggs are acceptable for everything.

8. if you ever want to watch something funny, watch some poor soul attempt to hike across campus in high heels in this snow. between the random staggering and stumbling, its like watching someone try to ice skate on grass turf.

8. that is all.

take my advice and follow these do’s and don’ts of wooster weather.

’cause i said so.

i think i need some soup 🙂

stay warm!