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January 28th, 2010

this week is almost over!!

I’m still nearly fainting with happiness when i learned that our exam in learning/behavior was open note. i have some AMAZING-looking notes, complete with color pictures πŸ™‚

we spent the whole lab today focusing mainly on how to use SPSS. for those fortunate enough to not know what SPSS is yet, it is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. woohoo.

if you plan on going into psychology at this school, you will have to take a stats course, which focuses mainly on this software. current psychology majors have already experienced the hell complicated procedures of SPSS, and have discovered a few helpful tips:

1. SPSS will do whatever you want it to. You mess it up, it messes you up.

2. Nobody likes SPSS.

3. If you can, find a SPSS guide-book.

4. You can always spot users on SPSS in the wired scot-they are hunched over the computers with a notebook on their lap and a blank look on their face


6. ask people for help if you get stuck (like i do every time). believe it or not, there are students on this campus who actually know how to use it, and they’re good at it. find these select few. befriend them.

7. you may hate SPSS with all of your life and want to scream at whoever invented it not be too fond of the program, but if you come at it with a defeat-ist attitude, chances areΒ  you wont get very far. Remember, even though it seems impossible, SPSS is do-able. You CAN do it (eventually). all it really is a matter of is what buttons to click-it does all the math stuff for you.

8. you might as well get used to it, cause you’ll see it more often than you like.

9. save EVERY handout you ever get on SPSS. every single one. chances are you’ll pull them out eventually.

10. if you’re totally stumped, ask a TA. they’re usually one of those select few on campus who understand how to use the friggin’ thing. If not, ask your professor! but go into that having tried, at least. or else you just look like a total hopeless wimp (just saying).

today in lab, i wrote down literal step-by-step instructions on what buttons to push, in order, to get the results i wanted. upon doing this, i realized i had taken a totally different route than i was supposed to when i attempted it earlier this week, and it made sense as to why my results were nothing like what they were supposed to be.

ok. that is all. be nice to SPSS.

January 27th, 2010


papers were moved to next week.

(hard) test on friday is now…open note.

this is like christmas morning to me. 6.5 pages, size 10 font–complete with colored-in pictures. there is NO way i can get a bad grade on this test.

the anthropology exam went sooooo wellllll today—A+, no doubt. not worried about it at all.

sociology homework is done.

life is sweet.

INITIATION is on saturday!!!! get ready to welcome some new sisters πŸ™‚

k. gonna do some anthro.

life is good πŸ™‚


January 26th, 2010

such a busy week! it’s like all my professors came together and decided to make everything happen all this week.

(not really, but i bet thats what they did)

i have my anthropology exam tomorrow…I’m not too stressed over it-I’ve done quiteΒ  a lot of studying for it so i should be fine. on thursday I have a psych article critique paper due and a lab report due…in the same class. i guess thats what you get for signing up for a writing intensive course, huh πŸ™‚ luckily theyre only about 3 pages each, so I should be okay.

Friday i have an exam…in the same psych class. thats gonna be the doozie, so i really need to buckle down and study for that one bigtime.

and to top it all off, it snowed a good 2 inches overnight. its cold! thank goodness i can just stay cozied up inside studying.

as soon as this weeks over, life will be 10000% better. i hate weeks like this, but every time they happen to come around i just have to keep reminding myself that time is still moving, and friday WILL come, although it seems impossible.

congrats to all the students who have recently been accepted as the graduating class of 2014! wowwww that sounds really odd to say…i’ve seen students on tours all over campus, so i can only imagine people are doing last minute visits before confirming their enrollment. be proud of yourself! i remember when I got accepted into wooster (it involved lots of jumping up and down with my parents yelling and scaring the wits out of the dog), and it was quite joyous. i hope youre excited to finally graduate start a new slate in a new school!

bit of advice: don’t come in with your major determined for good in your head. take some courses. look around and see what strikes you as interesting.Β  i came in wanting to be a bio major, and now im a psychology major πŸ™‚ had i not chosen psychology, i would’ve picked geology or anthropology. so keep an open mind!

and dont think your last semester of highschool can be wasted away sleeping in the back of class. wooster will know if youre slacking off, and thats not a good thing. you obviously have done something right to get into this school (it’s not easy), so just keep up whatever you’ve been doing!

hooray college πŸ™‚ and i’m in a cheery mood

January 21st, 2010

things that make me happy at wooster:

1. the sound of the big bell at every hour

2. the fresh breeze πŸ™‚

3. the smell of french fries around lowry alllll the time

4. getting mail

5. sending mail

6. scarves

7. peacoats

8. comfortable leather boots

9. cozy-ing up in bed with a hot chocolate and book

10. getting a lot of homework done in one day

11. coffee from old main

12. lots of other things πŸ™‚

in a cheery mood and doing major work on my lab report,


(wahooooo tomorrows fridayyyy)

January 20th, 2010

i wish some eventful thing was happening around here for me to talk about! i suppose it is a good thing that nothing exciting is happening too much-i’ve just been chugging along in my homework and readings for class. my first exam is next week in anthropology (cue scary music), so i want to make sure that i do really well on it.

i should probably get started on my learning/behavior 3 page paper, although at this point, 3 pages seems like the easiest thing in the world. i bet though if i keep slacking off on it, it’s going to pop up last minute. hm. motivation.

ive been seeing more and more kiddos walking around with their parents on tours on campus…i hope this means that you got accepted and are coming here! wooster is the best school ever-you’ll really like it. i’ve debated becoming an admissions tour guide, but the main thing holding me back is my fear that i’ll start rambling about how great the school is and how wonderful academics are here and yadda yadda and i’ll end up freaking out the student with my super-school-spirited lecture. oops. or maybe that’s what tour guides do? i dunno…something to think about i guess.

time fo’ DINNAH.


week dos

January 18th, 2010

thank you, mom, for reminding me of my lack of exercise and my abundance of naps. as soon as you posted that charming little comment, i shoved 10 lowry cookies down my mouth and took a 4 hour nap so HA

(i’m kidding, i really didn’t do that. it was more like 4 cookies and a 2 hour nap)

i’m really enjoying classes this semester. my sociology, anthropology, and learning/behavior psych classes really tend to overlap in specific areas, so when a new topic arises in some of the classes, i feel like i’m on top of the ball in answering it.

i have my first paper (gasp) due next week-meaning i should probably start on it this week. Even though it is only three pages, i feel that my scientific-smart-sounding writing has gone totally out of the window, and i’m afraid it will take me much longer to write it (decently) than before.

oh well. thats what we’re all here for, i guess!

orchestra also starts today. pretty excited to see everyone, especially my section–i sort of missed everyone!

things i’ve learned so far in this semester:

1. sometimes, taking the elevator really IS the best choice.

2. a 3rd floor of kauke hall really does exist.

3. a 4th floor of morgan hall exists!

4. if you eat a lowry cookie, you will eat more.

5. having classes all in a row is sometimes kind of nice, doesn’t give me time to relax and get drowsy and want to nap…

6. a hazelnut latte from old main cafe really is the best there is, and if you disagree, you are wrong.

7. that is all, so far. theres tons more i’ve learned i’m sure, but those are the really necessary ones.

ah, yes.

8. if you go to the gym, try not to let your ipod slip on the treadmill and thus hurl off the track and hit some poor unsuspecting person in the leg behind you.

off to human sexuality πŸ™‚ byeeeeee

January 13th, 2010

does anyone want to do the large amounts of reading for me required this week?

thats all that needs to be done, and i’d really like a nap…

day one down

January 11th, 2010

first day of classes dunzo!!!!

it was quite a good day.

learning/behavior is probably going to be my toughest class. it is writing intensive (which means theres a lot of writing…duh), yet i know if i spend most of my time on it i will get a good grade.

intro to sociology seems like an interesting class. our professor, prof. matsuzawa, is really cultured. she’s lived in a number of different countries, and seems quite passionate about sociology.

intro to anthropology will be fun, too. lots of notes in this class, so i’m bringing my laptop. easier to type them anyways. i think that anthropology and sociology will overlap each other a bit (which works in my favor)

human sexuality is….interesting. of course its awkward, we’re talking about sex. luckily i have quite a number of friends in the class so when a giant picture of STD-infested genatalia (? spelling? bear with.) pops up on the overhead, like it did today, i have company to nervously giggle and give disgusted looks to.

awkward or not, you gotta learn what you gotta learn.

no classes tomorrow-i can go work out and get some homework (yes, homework) done before wednesday.

i hope you are all watching the bachelor like meee πŸ™‚



January 7th, 2010

i’m here! i’m here! i promise! i didn’t ditch the blog.

i knew i said i would update a few times over break, but every time i sat down to do so, something else popped into my mind and i completely forgot.

well, here i am πŸ™‚

i wont delve into details about my break, but here are some key points in case you’re really interested..

1. i got my wisdom teeth yanked out. as a result, i have a new found admiration for mashed potatoes.

2. christmas was awesome. i got a lot of really great (and useful) stuff

3. we got about 3+ feet of snow within a few days it seems. and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

4. our psychology group project on eating disorders from last year got accepted by the MPA, and we will be presenting in chicago this semester at the conference! waaahoooooooooooo

5. i’m ready to go back to woo.

not that i don’t love being home, or anything. i’m ready to make myself busy with school and see friends-some who were abroad last semester so i haven’t seen in many months.

i’m excited to start up my classes: learning and behavior, intro to anthro, intro to soc, and human sexuality.

i think it’ll be an interesting semester.

i go back on saturday morning, so these last 2 days i’m spending stuffing everything i possibly can into my car–once again, i have two times as much stuff to take back as i came home with….i blame that part on shopping and christmas.

classes start on monday, so i’ll update then and let you know how they all went πŸ™‚

happy thursday!