April 22nd, 2010

so many good things have happened today 🙂

-finished my paper for human sexuality class. all that is left is to print and turn in.

-got all our results analyzed for our final lab report in learning/behavior. am 0298347982742 steps ahead of every other group in the class.

-opera -the magic flute- is tomorrow night—-come! 8:15 in mcgaw chapel

-nooooooooooo class tomorrow-its the IS symposium so we spend all day walking around watching presentations on IS.

-its really nice out.

-schools almost out!

April 20th, 2010

weeeeeee won greek week! hoooraaaay 🙂

it is CRUNCH time. majorly. since i’m going to chicago most of next week for the mpa conference (weeee), i have to make sure everything is turned in beforehand.

luckily i’m pacing myself.

sex research paper due on friday… sociology paper due on monday…presentation in 2 weeks….along with 3 exams…

is it summer yet?

i find this to be the hardest time to stay motivated in my classes. many would define this time as being where you can give “one last push” at your grade, however most of us are just too worn out from the semester. that’s why right now it is crucial for me to pace myself…if i do a bit each day then i won’t feel overwhelmed, and we all know what being overwhelmed does to me…

side effects may include loss of sleep, excessive weight gain due to binge eating, increased napping attempts, increased whining to friends about ‘how much work you have and how tired you are’, etc, etc.

it happens to every one every time….so just plan ahead now so you don’t find yourself stuck in the library at 12:30 in the morning scarfing down 4 pieces of cold pizza and calling it a day.

eat good. sleep good. do a bit each day. make a to-do list every morning for the day. nothing feels better than crossing some item off a to-do list. nothing. forget trying to cram in gym sessions every day-you arent going to magically go out of shape in a week. academics firsttt 😀 remember to shower. and wear deodorant. and change your underwear.

that is all.


something i don’t feel proud about

April 14th, 2010

so as part of greek week, the greek community here hosted a luncheon for the grounds crew on campus becauseto show appreciation and gratitude on tuesday. it was quite lovely and laid back.

today, as i was handing a lowry worker my card to swipe for a meal, he laughed and said how much of a shame it was that nothing was ever held for the lowry staff.

‘i mean the grounds crew does a lot, but we basically feed all the students here’

‘the groundscrew even gets a little christmas party ever year from the manager, and WERE the one feeding them. i wish someone would do something that nice for us…we never catch a break. who else would feed everyone?’

and you know what? he was exactly right.

i felt quite guilty and bad upon hearing those comments….hes completely right. the lowry workers and staff make sure we eat healthy and have a variety of fresh food to choose from, and nothing is ever done for them…maybe a thank you, if that.

as a greek member i am go to propose that the next academic year a party or event be held in their honor. it doesnt necessarily have to be sponsored by the greeks, but maybe a group on campus. it’s something i will be bringing up.

why not have a luncheon with them? they should be able to enjoy the opportunity to sit down and chat with students as the grounds crew does, or any other staff group for that matter.

some groups here may be more directly related to us as students, but they all put in an equal amount of hard work. why do we choose to thank only the specifics? my theory is that we are so used to those directly related to us (we see them every day such as lowry staff), that we overlook the hard work put in deliver a service to us, such as a hot meal.

just know, lowry staff, that i am going to try to make something happen to thank you. you deserve as much appreciation as anyone else who works on this campus, and i want to make sure you realize it 🙂

this weekend

April 12th, 2010

was so freakin’ awesome!! springfest was a huuuuge success.

friday was a pretty chill night for me-i was tired and wanted to catch up on some sleep…

so that means i was all rested for saturday’s events! there was a velcro wall, jousting, and a bungee run…not to mention cotton candy and refreshments and popcorn! it was a little chilly out but everyone was in such a festive mood i don’t think anyone minded.

k’naan and wale were awessssssome! k’naan (in my opinion) was better than wale, but thats probably because i know his music. they both walked around in the crowds singing to people…it was a great concert.

by that i mean i left halfway through wale’s performance and went to bed. sorry, wale.

i think it was kind of an early night for everyone-people had been partying since 4 or 5 and by 11 or so everyone was ready for bed.

unfortunately its back to the books this week 🙁 TWO (ugh) exams on friday, learning/behavior and human sexuality…..also a 7 pager due on monday….and orchestra rehearsal all day today…and psych testing for our learning/behavior project.

oh well-only 3 MORE WEEKS then finals week ahhhhh i’m nervous already :-/ especially since i have to miss basically the entire last week of class for the MPA conference (so pumped)

and i got a b+ on my anthro exam 🙂

what i should be thinking about…

what i’m really thinking about…

happy monday!


April 8th, 2010

summer is almost here!!!

sorry i havent updated much this week-ive been studying for my anthropology exam (which i think i did SICK on), doing ireland stuff, and trying to work out.

since 99% of my diet since sunday has consisted of chocolate and coffee, i decided today to take a little ‘sweets’ break and try a detox diet just for a week.

and no, its not one of those things where you drink vinegar and grass or whatever-its healthy!

LOTS of fruits and veggies…no sugar or sweets…no dairy…lots of beans and grains….im allowing myself chicken and eggs for protein…and trying to avoid gluten products.

we’ll see how this goes 🙂

and to the touring family whom i passed just as i stuffed a hard boiled egg in my mouth and attempted to smile, i’m sorry.

good thing i was wearing my sorority letters, now they’ll remember me.

SPRINGfest is this WEEKEND! look for posters around campus–hopefully its gonna be a good onefor weather this year!


the opposite

April 1st, 2010

sooooooooOOOOOOOoooooo i guess really bad days have to equal really nice days 🙂

sleeping in=nice

having a cloudless 79 degree day=nice

eating ice cream for lunch=nice

turning in that lab report finally=nice

not wearing a coat outside finally=nice

having the professor end lab 45 minutes early because half the class is either gazing longingly outside or in a coma with their mouths hanging open=nice

doing neither, but instead drawing a really cool tree on some paper the professor passed out=nice

nap in the sun=nice

good mood 🙂


March 31st, 2010

crappy day.

violin lesson didn’t go so hot this morning….i think there are some things the teacher and i are not seeing eye to eye on…ugh, i have a lot to do with that..

then i spilled a cup of (extra hot because i requested it be hot as possible so it stays warm) coffee down the front of my dress.

then on the way back to change i ripped my leggings

then i stubbed my toe.

then i took an exam in sociology, and i think i did okay except for the fact that i left out one HUGE part of an essay…like, it didnt even register in my head while i was writing. everything else on the exam i think i did okay on.

then i ate a sandwich and a huge chunk fell right into my lap (i should just wear my food-seems im best at it)

then its this GLORIOUS day and all i want to do is spend it outside…but im finishing my lab report and doing some anthro terms and questions for our exam in one week (ahhhh)

then i lost this beautiful ring my dad gave me. its red with a blue and green flower design on it, and the inside is turquoise. it mustve fallen off my finger at some point….

if anyone sees it, please let me know! i loved that ring…

on the bright side-gramma sent me a card with a $5 bill in it.

hey, its $5 more than i had at the beginning of the day, right?

almost done with lab report. back. to. work.


March 29th, 2010

there are a LOT of prospective students here today! i heard over 150….

i’ve been seeing them with their parents and pillows and duffel bags walking around campus and in my class. i wish i had done this as an admitted student! I remember getting all prepared for college-buying stuff, trying to figure out campus, organizing everything, etc, but i never did anything like an admitted students day.


i hope everyone is having fun 🙂

i noticed them all last night when i was getting dinner post-working out-i came marching down the lowry steps with 2 to-go boxes and 2 bowls filled with food while balancing a too-heavy tote bag and water bottle with half a banana shoved in my mouth and my hair basically slicked back from sweat (i biked 26 miles!!), and i was faced with a million kids and their parents milling around in the lobby, staring at me.

please don’t be scared of me. i’m normal (and showered) promise!

ive also witnessed about 2934932847 tours today (you can always tell a tour by a family walking slowly with a person walking backwards in front of them talking) and the guides never seem to run into anything…genius, i tell you.

i have orchestra basically all evening…sectionals 4:10-5:10 then 7-9:30. i wish we could change our sectional time to wednesday. in the hour and a half or so that i have in between the two rehearsals i have barely enough time to grab dinner and get some hw done…luckily i dont have class on tuesdays, so if i don’t really get productive on mondays i have an entire day to catch up to it 🙂

lets see if anything good is on tv right now…

dear lowry,

March 27th, 2010

please make 3 cheese enchiladas every day of the year.

that is all.



March 25th, 2010

tired. cold. crabby

maybe its the weather…43 and pouring out.

i got all my homework done already….had a great dinner….had a good workout…

have a big debate tomorrow! i’m on the side for corporal punishment. although i have a feeling that we’re going to be on the defense most of the time, i think we’ll do good.

sociology test next wednesday. UGHHHHHHHHHH. i should probably start studying for that, considering its on all the readings that ive skimmed repeatedly read and taken notes on.


and lab report due next thursday! we spent 2.5 hours today discussing how to do the results section…aka the stats part.

overheard in lowry:

guy on cellphone:

‘yeah….yea i dunno, its kinda greenish….yeah its really gross….what? no not really, just really burns sometimes. i know! i have no idea how i got it…..yeah…well, we’ll see i guess.’

i really hope he was talking about a bruise.



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